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The Bossier Republican Parish Executive Committee (PEC) is the elected leadership of the Republican Party in Bossier Parish. Louisiana Revised Statue 18:444 outlines the qualifications, duties and responsibilities of the Parish Executive Committee which are further specified in the Bossier Parish Republican Executive Committee By-Laws. Members are elected to a four-year term by Republican voters during the Presidential Primary.

There are seventeen positions on the PEC. Five are at-large seats chosen from anywhere in the parish, and twelve are district seats chosen from parish districts which mirror the Police Jury Districts. The elected PEC members take office within forty days of the election. Once members are seated, they elect from their ranks a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. Members also vote to fill any vacant seats that may exist on the PEC. This occurs when no one qualifies and runs for the district position.

Your PEC representatives are listed below:



Committee Member

At Large

Laura Adley - Secretary

At Large

Bobby W. Edmiston

At Large

"Duke" Lowrie

At Large

"Mike" McConnell

At Large

"Jeff" Thompson

District 1


District 2


District 3

Mike Collier - Chairman

District 4


District 5

Richard Ray

District 6

Anne Price - Vice Chairman

District 7


District 8

Ryan Gatti

District 9


District 10


District 11

Jerry Kutz - Treasurer

District 12


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